Battery Service was established by the professionals in the software development and electroengineering in 2006. 100% of our time we focus on batteries management and UPS (uninterruptible power supplies).

Since 2008 we are an official partner of Midtronics Inc. And now we distribute co-branded hand testers Midtronics & CONBAT. Conbat – is our own brand for battery management solutions. Con – means Control, Bat – means Batteries. Control your Batteries. By this brand we produce battery dischargers different sizes. CONBAT dischargers become a very popular in the Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Battery Service company also is an owner of patent for obstruction lighting controllers (aircraft warning lights). We produce the controllers, OVP, small UPS, lights and bulbs. The brand name for that kind of products – LEDZOM.

Our customers become many well-known companies such as:  Nokia, Emerson, Huawei, Eltek, ExxonMobil, Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2, Gazprom, Kazakhtelecom and other.